Lives change. Unfortunately, timeshare agreements often don’t. What seemed like a sensible investment five, ten or even twenty years ago, has seemingly morphed into a costly hassle, with its benefits ending long ago. Maybe you and your spouse keep promising you’ll get back to going again, but life just keeps throwing those little curveballs it’s so famous for and yet another summer has passed…

It’s time you got out, but we’re guessing you weren’t even aware you had that option. Or maybe you’ve tried and lost money in the process to an unscrupulous entity that had no business offering the services at which they claimed to be professionals. Understanding your reluctance to get into yet another contract that in the end costs you money and offers you nothing in return, we strive to provide something you may not be used to – honesty.

At Timeshare Simplified, our timeshare exit program was designed by one of the most respected and sought-after professionals in the industry. We specifically partnered with Kirk Management because of their exceptional reputation and impeccable track record for honesty and transparency. Doing what others have failed at consistently, our partnership has allowed us to help hundreds of timeshare owners transfer their timeshares to others or find other ways to exit their contracts legally. We’re so confident we can help, we offer an unheard-of, 100-percent money-back guarantee.

Regardless of the resort or developer, we can help any timeshare owner, even if you still owe more than half of the agreed-upon mortgage.

Find out more about our services and options by scheduling a private consultation and assessment now. We promise integrity, transparency and superior care with all that we do.